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About Us

Parand Chocolate Co.

Parand Chocolate Co.(farmand) has established in year 1994 with the area of 70.000 m2  with complete up to date and advanced equipment’s capable to produce all kinds of different chocolates, jelly drinks & powders, cocoa creams, dragee, wafers, biscuits, toffee and candy which has brought happy moments to home with his famous motto: Farmand As Sweet As Smile.

For Parand Chocolate Co. with Farmand Trademark, all concepts lead to one goal: production with the best quality.

All the members of this company are trying to follow this goal to create unique experience for the customers. Expert engineers of our R& D department endeavor to use the best materials, processing, technology and creative ideas with entrepreneurial effort to make the best combination of the tastes. Since the company priority is focused on human resources as well as providing the highest technology of the world along with the best raw materials in this industry which attracts everybody.

The quality of taste and variety of the products has caused Farmand to have tremendous popularity among the consumers. This impressive difference in taste and formula combination due to using the good quality of raw materials in the products has caused abroad consent in addition to satisfying domestic clients.

Today, Farmand has over 1,500 specialized and experienced personnel and Farmand products are exported worldwide to more than 14 countries in CIS, Middle east, neighbors as well as some countries in east of Asia and Africa. It proves Farmand ability and skills to be able to play a constructive role in developing the country’s economy as well.

One of the significant missions of Parand Chocolate Co. is using pure cocoa butter in their products which improves the consumer taste and submit a well worthy and deserving products in the market.

As a result, customer and consumer satisfaction is our main incentive and motivation to carry on our innovation and creativity. 

Board members of Parand Chocolate Co.

Mr. Alireza Mansub Shanjani

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Mahdi Mansub Shanjani

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ebrahim Mansub Shanjani

CEO and Board Member

Mr. Hamidreza Mansub Shanjani

Board Member